CRO vs. SEO On-Demand Webinar

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CRO vs. SEO: Sync Your Strategies for Powerful Results

Smart marketers know we need to leverage both SEO and CRO to achieve our digital marketing goals:

SEO aims to GET MORE and BETTER WEBSITE TRAFFIC by taking our site to the top of the SERPs.

CRO aims to CONVERT A HIGHER PERCENTAGE of site visitors into customers by analyzing their behavior.

Even though the end goal is the same—to get more customers—sometimes SEO and CRO recommendations conflict. How do you reconcile seemingly contrary tactics when you’re trying to optimize your funnel?

Join us for a FREE webinar to get a data-driven game plan for making your SEO and CRO strategies work with—not against—each other.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

    1. Failure Modes & What to Avoid– What are the most common examples of CRO and SEO best practices in conflict? What’s at stake—and what NOT to do.
    2. How to Crack the Conversion Rate Code – Keyword rankings fluctuate A LOT. How does effective CRO offset a SERP in flux? We’ll look at a real example.
    3. A Six Sigma Approach to Optimization– Zero in on critical data to prioritize CRO and SEO experiments with tools like DMAIC and the RICE Matrix.

Learn how to lead your team to better results, faster—and use data to get buy-in and prove marketing ROI to key stakeholders.

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