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Organic traffic is worthless if it doesn’t drive conversions. With SEO Services from Digital Current, you get quick wins that boost revenue now AND compounding ROI over the long-term.

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  • SEO Technical Audits & Analysis

    Technical Audits & Analysis
    Your site’s backend could be preventing you from getting the rankings you deserve. Analyzing over 180 potential issues, we provide specific recommendations tailored for your CMS with prioritization based on impact and effort.

  • Advanced Keyword & Market Research

    Advanced Keyword & Market Research
    In today’s search landscape, knowing keyword search volume and keyword difficulty metrics isn’t enough. You need to address the intent behind the searcher’s query. That’s why our keyword research includes SERP analyses and alignment to the buyer’s journey. By hiring our team for SEO services in Phoenix, you can feel peace of mind your business’s marketing strategies are in the right hands.

  • Site & Content Optimization

    Site & Content Optimization
    To get your site to peak performance, we’ll optimize content, provide site architecture recommendations and conduct internal linking strategies at scale. If you don’t have web developer resources to implement, then our SEO services agency has got you covered!

  • Link Building

    Link Building
    As a top 3 ranking factor, strategic, white hat link building is an essential part of every SEO strategy. Our team founded the link building industry 17 years ago and has continued to innovate and lead the industry since.

  • Site Migration & Rebrand Support

    Site Migration & Rebrand Support
    If you’re planning to redesign your site, then don’t risk losing all the authority, keyword rankings, and traffic you’ve built over the years. We’ll lead the charge with crawls, URL mapping, keyword research, technical audits, and more.

  • Penalty Prevention & Recovery

    Penalty Prevention & Recovery
    There’s nothing more devastating to your results than receiving a penalty. We’ve helped hundreds of companies recover from other link builders’ penalties and set them back on the path to success.



SEO — search engine optimization — is the process of improving the performance and visibility of your website in relation to search engine algorithms. SEO aims to drive more traffic and better traffic by sending the right signals to Google and other search engines that your website is exactly what its users are looking for. The practice of SEO improves organic traffic — that’s traffic coming to your website by clicking on an unpaid search result.

And organic traffic tends to be the most qualified. But then, you already knew that, didn’t you — it’s why you’re here!

At Digital Current, we see SEO as more than just checking the right boxes when it comes to technical foundations, content, design, relevance, engagement, mobile-friendliness and more. Your business’s goals and aspirations guide our approach to SEO services as we identify the best avenues to driving traffic, leads, conversions, and revenue. Future-forward, customized SEO packages and strategies help your domain reach higher SERP positions in front of the right audience.

What does it mean to stay up-to-date in SEO? Today, websites are a dime a dozen, resulting in digital clutter and noise for the consumer. Google and other search engines are constantly innovating and upgrading their algorithms to filter out this noise. It’s our job to stay one step ahead.


SEO improves the volume of traffic to your site, typically by ranking as high as possible in search engine results pages for queries by your target audience, in order to drive more business. Up to 92% of searchers click on results on the first page. Less than 6% of searchers click on a result on the second page. Our job as your SEO agency is getting you in front of that 92% that’s most interested in your website’s products, services, and information.

But whole niches and industries are vying for the top page, and for good reason. This is where warm leads reside. At the top, there’s more potential for brand awareness and credibility, better sales and customer loyalty. So, getting there is not easy, as you would expect. To compete, you need digital marketing expertise — we’ve got nearly 20 years of that — plus cutting edge solutions and smart strategies. We’ve got those, too. And we can help you save time and money with ROI-focused SEO strategies that optimize cost-efficient tactics with clear paths to revenue growth.

With all that goes into SEO services, and all the competition you face on any SERP — not to mention the constantly evolving search engine algorithms — you need expert support from the professional SEO service providers at Digital Current.

Emerging leading brands, household names, and niche industry powerhouses alike trust Digital Current because our SEO results speak for themselves. Our clients are just like you — looking to achieve business goals with SEO.
Yes, SEO still works! Not only because it can get you to the top of the results page, but more importantly because it leads to better leads and bigger sales. SEO works because it provides both short-term gains and long-term, lasting results. Improving your SERP rankings is good, but only when it drives better-qualified leads, higher conversion rates, and larger orders — all adding up to more revenue.

Achieving these key business goals requires multifaceted SEO packages, techniques, and strategies that leverage multidisciplinary concepts. Data analysis, behavioral observation, web design, content, marketing — SEO takes experts in all these fields and more to reach success. The best website SEO services and strategies align technical, marketing, and sales considerations into techniques that affect your bottom line.

SEO only works when you’re doing it right. We’ve been doing it right for just about two decades now, with the results to prove it.
You need SEO services because you don’t want just any traffic — you want the right traffic. You need SEO services because your competitors are beating you on the SERPs. You need SEO services because you need to realize more revenue from your website. You need SEO services from Digital Current. Because search engine results mean business results. Digital Current’s SEO management services help you rank higher in search engine results that matter. By analyzing the unique audience of your business as well as the intent behind important search keywords, we develop SEO strategies that bring the right people to the right pages. Our SEO service also helps you if you need…

    • Better brand awareness
    • More leads
    • Better leads
    • Higher conversion rates and more sales
One of the SEO goals that many people overlook is not just getting more traffic but better traffic. Reworking your SEO tactics and tracking the right business-focused KPIs — conversions, revenue and more — allows you to bring in more qualified searchers who might already be further down your funnel process. So why do you need SEO services? What are the benefits of hiring an SEO services agency?

    • It’s cost-effective
    • It offers quick wins and long-term results
    • It gives your brand a competitive advantage
    • It boosts brand awareness, trust, and credibility
    • It enhances the buyer’s experience
Digital Current’s SEO services include:

      • Advanced keyword & market research, grounded in personas and search intent
      • SERP and competitive analyses that inform better- ranking content
      • Usability & accessibility optimization
      • Audits & deep technical analysis with specific recommendations tailored for your CMS
      • Analytics, testing & maintenance
      • Site and content optimization
      • Site migration
      • Penalty prevention & recovery
      • Site architecture recommendations and internal linking strategies at scale

We break down our strategic SEO approach into technical SEO and on-page SEO techniques. We also offer SEO services tailored to specific types of businesses:

      • Local SEO
      • Ecommerce SEO
      • Enterprise SEO


It’s not just users that want a better experience on your site. Search engine crawlers do, too. Neglecting the bots means that your SEO ambitions will remain unattainable. Our proven technical SEO audit process checks for over 180 potential issues, prioritizing them by the level of effort it will take to fix them and impact their resolution will have on your SEO, so you can see greater impact sooner. To rank highly, search engines expect your website to:
      • Be highly navigable. A number of technical SEO issues can block search engines from crawling and indexing your site. What good is great content and on-page optimizations if search engines can’t find them? We look at aspects such as robots.txt files, metadata implementation, and more technical elements to make your website crawler-friendly. That maximizes your potential for ranking high and driving traffic.
      • Have logical information architecture. After ensuring an error-free technical foundation, our SEO specialists look to the organization and hierarchy of your website’s individual pages, or it’s information architecture. Internal linking for SEO connects crawlers to similar pages and highlights the logical path through your site. This improves crawler efficiency, leading to higher keyword rankings.
      • Be credible and authoritative. Beyond the content on your website, search engines look at external links to gauge credibility, trustworthiness, and authority. When you have inbound and outbound links to other authoritative sites, search engine bots rate your brand as trustable. These search engine crawlers will ensure that your site’s indexing is up-to-date as they do for popular websites. SEO specialists can tap link building services to build site authority and improve rankings.
      • Use search-friendly URLs. The best websites, according to search engines, use URL structures that include the right keywords. Before even crawling the page, search engines begin to understand a site’s content based on its URL.
Does technical SEO pay off? Absolutely.


When it comes to on-page SEO, most businesses are brilliant at what they do. You’re probably already publishing rich, informative content and using high-volume keywords throughout. Your homepage, undoubtedly, features a fantastic design and easy-to-use experience.

SEO specialists can re-evaluate your strategy to on-page SEO and find places where optimization can add even more value. Our expert and data-driven on-page SEO techniques can get you to the top with:

      • Keyword research, selection, and optimization. Keywords play a vital role in your website’s ranking. More importantly, selecting the right keywords can make all the difference — Ahrefs calculates that “0.16% of the most popular keywords are responsible for 60.67% of all searches.” The right keywords can boost your position in the industry or location and improve your relevancy with regard to user queries. Keyword optimization will drive the right traffic to your website—warm leads that take little time to convert to sales. Digital Current’s SEO services focus on the importance of keyword intent and its relevance along the buyer’s journey.
      • Content optimization. Content is the foundation of SEO. Good content is original, relevant, the right length and easily readable. It’s also laser-focused on the audience most important to your business, most likely to convert into a customer. Digital Current’s SEO management services include content optimization recommendations, which leads to better rankings and increased user engagement. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses like yours improve search rankings by identifying content improvements, such as copy updates and faster-loading images, as well as content development opportunities from blogs and landing pages to high-quality infographics and videos.
      • Titles and meta descriptions. When you have little time to read a book, you scan the titles and list of contents. Search engine bots do the same for your site when establishing its relevance and ranking score in relation to a user query. We can help you rank higher with our title and meta description strategies, including keyword optimization and advanced copywriting.
      • Strategic internal linking. This approach elevates the findability of your pages. This is critical, especially if you want to improve awareness of your additional products and services. A well-interlinked site, internally, can increase the time that users spend on the website. In turn, that tells search engines that you have what users need and are therefore deserving of a higher ranking.

    Let’s make your site a high-ranking, high-converting powerhouse with technical and on-page SEO tactics.
Generally, it takes 4 to 6 months to start seeing significant SEO results in traffic and conversions. Often, however, quick wins such as improved keyword rankings can happen in as little as 4-6 weeks. Typically, it depends on the complexity of the project and the level of competition in your industry, niche, or target audience.

SEO needs consistency as well as continuous strategy improvement — and the best SEO services agency provides just that. The whole practice of SEO is based on search engine algorithms and their ranking criteria. These algorithms may get hundreds of updates and upgrades in a year. The right SEO should be agile to these changes and know where the algorithms are headed next for tangible results. SEO is best approached as a long-term engagement. Learn more in our blog, “How Long Does it Take for SEO to Produce Results?”

Understanding the long-term effects of SEO allows for strategic integration with other marketing tactics to enable a well-rounded approach.

We can help you plan for lasting results while shoring up major issues to land quick wins in the short-term.
Traffic! Leads! Sales! A higher search engine ranking is only beneficial if it helps you attain these objectives. At Digital Current, we’re laser-focused on these KPIs. Every approach, technique or technology tool that we employ in our SEO services is geared to help grow your revenue. Work with us for an SEO plan designed from soup to nuts to help you sell more.

Our SEO strategies are driven by key performance indicators (KPIs) that include:

    • Improved keyword rankings — for more brand awareness
    • A higher volume of traffic — for more and better quality leads
    • Increased engagement — for more conversions and sales
    • Revenue growth and ROI — for your bottom line

    The blueprint for our SEO strategies entails:

      • Understanding your business objectives
      • Studying your website and audiences
      • Analyzing your competition and their tactics
      • Competitor/keyword gap analysis
      • Identifying short term and long term SEO techniques
      • Implementing and refining SEO strategies
      • Monitoring and measuring performance
      • Strategy enhancement as needed

      Let’s build a strategy to support your business and marketing goals with SEO services.
Local SEO is focused on improving the performance of your website in search results with location-based intent. It leads to an increase in sales in brick and mortar stores, more phone calls to your local branches, and improved visibility among your competitors on map listings.

How can we help you with local SEO services? Well, we’ve helped other clients…

    We are experts in maximizing your reach in local markets across the globe. And if you’re in Arizona and looking for a Phoenix SEO service in your backyard, we’ve been named a Top SEO Company in Phoenix by BrightLocal.

    With our proven local SEO game plan, you can experience the benefits of greater local search visibility: more foot traffic, calls, and clicks. For optimal local search performance and ROI, you need an agency who’s been around the block more than a few times. With 17 years in this business, we’ve developed industry-leading tactics. We start by…

      • Taking a fresh look at your location pages. We find ways to help Google (and other search engines) understand your content’s local elements better. That entails optimizing your title tags and metadata with your city name, local address and maps. This can also include local keyword-optimized content that positions you as a local authority.
      • Checking for the correct local business schema. That entails adding code to your web pages for search bots to understand your location and products and services better. The structured data markup gives your site a boost in relevancy and credibility by speaking the language of search engine bots.
      • Creating and/or optimizing a Google My Business Page for your business locations. We have found that filling and optimizing this listing significantly improves ranking on local search. Our GMB optimizations tactics involve using short, long, and related keywords in the descriptions to maximize your chances of getting into the Local Pack. We also leverage Google Map citations, geotagged photos, Google Directions, geotagged YouTube videos, embedded map links, and more.

      Other of our local SEO tactics include capitalizing on reviews, directory listings and media mentions. You don’t need to rely on paid advertising to capture local interest. Organic local SEO can drive traffic to your locations — in person and online — to improve your marketing ROI.

      Whether your business has one location or thousands, we get you the visibility you need with local SEO services focused on driving revenue. Learn more about local SEO services or get in touch today.
Ecommerce SEO is search engine optimization geared towards making your online store more visible and findable. We get you to where shoppers are. We improve your ecommerce website’s ranking and position your products before the right buyers. We enhance the experience on your site, build trust and elevate your brand’s awareness among the right audience.

We take a unique approach to ecommerce SEO services to address the specific challenges of selling products online. That can include:

    • Website restructures. You need a better website structure to display your different products and services to both users and search engine bots. We can help you get a better site structure with clean URLs and breadcrumb navigation. Already have a new design on the horizon? We can also make sure the site migration goes off without a hitch.
    • Ecommerce keyword optimization. For a higher ranking, higher traffic volume and more sales, you need keywords with a high search volume — and the right intent behind them. Our keyword research for ecommerce SEO entails analyzing search behaviors, relevant phrases, and words with a high search volume. Want your products seen without relying solely on paid search — and even reduce your cost per click with data insights? Talk to us now.
    • Enhanced crawlability. It’s critical that search engine bots should find your product and service pages with ease. Our technical team is on standby to make site edits that improve layout, responsiveness and navigability. It’s easy to inadvertently sabotage your SEO efforts by trying to create the best user experience possible. Facets and filters are great for finding what the user needs, but have to be properly managed to keep them from creating thousands of duplicate pages.
    • Improved product descriptions. It’s fundamental that your content builds trust and shows how your offerings can add value to users. You also need unique content, not just what came from the manufacturer. Use keywords for better relevance and show feature-function-benefits connections. We’re here to assist you in upping your messaging and engagement tactics to show search engines and visitors alike that you are the best.
    • Optimized analytics and tracking. We can help you achieve predictable and scalable growth in sales with our advanced Ecommerce analytics solutions. These solutions provide deep insights into how users browse your site, how long they stay there, what pages they view, and what happens in the checkout process. The analytical data reveals better ways to optimize your site for an enhanced online buying experience.
    • Mobile ecommerce optimization. Optimizing your ecommerce site for mobile shoppers and mobile search results is a must. Use our specialized mobile SEO services to increase your website’s navigability, speed and user interface on mobile devices.
    • Correct schema markups. We can implement codes that help you get better rankings for your ecommerce site. Do you know the correct schema to use to land a feature in Google’s Answer Box and rich snippets? Talk to us to learn more.
    • Category page optimizations. Let’s help you create creative and user-customized content for your product categories. We can optimize these pages with proven approaches, including keywords, H1 Tags, images and internal links. What we do will distinguish your brand and offerings from competitors.

    Digital Current’s ecommerce SEO services focus on improving revenue and maximizing ROI.

When you have several websites for your ecommerce store or a multinational company, Digital Current is the SEO agency to call. Enterprise SEO is large-scale search engine optimization meant for brands with multiple websites or an e-commerce website with thousands of pages. We provide enterprise SEO services that push better performance for each of your sites and pages. We have solutions to enhance your ROI visibility so that these enterprise SEO strategies, combined with our ecommerce, technical, and local SEO approaches, will give you the competitive advantage you need. A sampling of our approach to enterprise SEO includes:

    • Crawl optimization. Based on your server logs, we identify opportunities to improve your site for better search engine crawler experience. With the large quantity and scale of enterprise content, webpages, resources, and other online touchpoints, you need a tailored approach to get everything ranked — and in front of your audience.
    • Composite metrics. You’re collecting a ton of data — but what does it mean as a whole, from an integrated perspective? By parsing and combining large data points, we can identify opportunities at scale and better prioritize our strategy. Better metrics mean better performance.
    • Reporting on gaps and opportunities. You need to monitor not just your own SEO performance, but your competitors’, too. Ongoing reporting identifies gaps in content you need to fill to stay competitive. It also identifies expansion opportunities to forge new frontier throughout your audience’s buying journey.

    See how we’ve helped other enterprise clients reach their goals with these exciting case studies.
Digital Current’s SEO services lead you to sustainable traffic volumes and better search engine rankings. But SEO strategies need a plan to measure, track, and optimize performance continually. For long term growth and profitability, work with Digital Current’s SEO management services in your niche. We’ll audit your analytics and tracking, then optimize it to ensure we get the right data to inform our strategic SEO decisions. That allows for:

    • A multifaceted strategic approach. It takes more than just one strategy to get the best results with search engine optimization. With the right analytics and data insights, we help you identify the best path to organic search marketing success. When you work with Digital Current, you can expect a comprehensive implementation of SEO that leads to explosive growth now and for a long time to come — and the analytics data to prove ROI.
    • Research and testing. It’s time you switched to data-driven SEO services. At Digital Current, every SEO strategy builds upon findings from researching algorithmic trends, analyzing web user behaviors, understanding your brand and offerings, and gathering data on your competitors. When you work with us, you can expect laser-focused approaches with a proven impact on your revenue.
    • Analysis and improvement. An SEO implementation approach is only as effective as its performance testing. The field of organic search is a volatile one with regular changes in search engine algorithms, search trends, competition and many other elements. Campaign performance also fluctuates across and throughout buyer journeys. Understanding, predicting, and preparing for these contingencies is what sets Digital Current apart from the pack. Periodic testing and re-optimization can help keep your site at the top of search engine results for a long time — but only if you consistently measure and commit to ongoing evolutions.

    At Digital Current, we optimize analytics and tracking to constantly measure performance and keep SEO strategies as nimble as the search engines themselves.

Your site works — but is it providing the optimal user experience? And does it, at the same time, provide the best route for search engine bots, so you get the rankings and traffic you deserve?

Digital Current SEO services employ hyper-targeted technical approaches built for traffic volumes. Here’s just a few ways we address the user experience as part of ongoing SEO strategies:

    • Does your site load quickly enough? Users — and search engines — want it to load fast. Every 100 milliseconds in page load delay can lead to a one percent reduction in sales. DC’s SEO services can help improve your site load speed for higher traffic volumes and better rankings.
    • Is your site organized and intuitive? Clutter confuses. Too many — or too few — buttons, menus, CTAs, and links increase the bounce rate on your site, diverting traffic and disappointing search engine algorithms. Neat and readable web pages attract more visitors.
    • Is your site mobile-friendly? Users, especially in ecommerce, want to view your website on their mobile phone. In fact, 72% of all people access the internet only from mobile phones. And Google knowingly prioritizes mobile-friendly websites — sites designed with thumb reach and speed in mind. Let’s help you sell more to mobile searchers.

    Have you considered the user experience in your quest to dominate SERPs with SEO services?

The cost for SEO services can range from about $250 to $500,000 per month depending on your type of business, scope and quality of services delivered, and the state and history of your website. Digital Current’s monthly retainers start at $5,000 and scale to meet the unique challenges of mid- to enterprise-level businesses — securing you expert resources working in quarterly strategic sprints to exceed your business growth goals. Check out our blog post for the in-depth answer to the question, “how much does SEO cost?”

SEO services are also available on a project and hourly basis, but the best SEO service providers recommend long-term engagements with monthly or annual retainers. Ongoing retainers allow your SEO specialist team to remain flexible to the ever-changing SEO landscape and your website’s unique place within it.

Let’s talk about your budget for SEO services and how we can deliver maximum ROI.

“The thoroughness of the analytics and reporting that they do, as well as the level of technical analysis, is far above anything I’ve seen from other companies.”

Erin Triman, Director of Marketing

“They uncovered a lot and worked collaboratively with our out of house web firm. They’ve done a great job and we have made a lot of gains.”

Wendy Geruin, Marketing Director


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