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  • Persona Development and Buyers’ Journey Mapping

    Persona Development and Buyers’ Journey Mapping
    Personalization is at the crux of effective B2C and B2B content marketing. We conduct live workshops with your team and in-depth research to create personas and buyers’ journeys for more personal customer experiences.

  • Integrated Content Strategy

    Integrated Content Strategy
    We audit your content, strategy and competitors, then work with you to develop a messaging profile — with voice, tone, style and more — and a content marketing editorial calendar that compliments and enhances all your marketing initiatives.

  • Content Development

    Content Creation Services
    Our team of experienced writers and designers quickly master your brand voice, personality and purpose to create strategy-driven content that moves your customers through the sales funnel.



One way to look at content marketing is to view your business as a publisher. Just like a newspaper that publishes news stories to inform readers, your business can use content to engage your target audience.

Businesses use content marketing services to reach customers where they’re spending their time: online. The Digital 2019 report by Hootsuite and We Are Social found people spend an average of 6 hours and 42 minutes online each day. Pew Research Center reports 28% of American adults are online “almost constantly,” up from 21% in 2015.

Our content creation services provide useful and relevant information to your target leads and customers. Instead of pushing products and services, use content to build relationships. Those relationships are built on trust, which turns into sales.

Content is in the form of anything from a blog post or ebook to a video tutorial or infographic. The content featured on product pages and throughout your website can also lead to conversions. When the content’s valuable enough, consumers will share it with their audiences, broadening your reach.

Our content creation services include:

  • Web copy
  • Blog/article content
  • Infographics
  • Whitepapers
  • Ebooks
  • Newsletters
  • Email copy
  • Videos
  • Custom imagery & design
  • Press releases
  • SEO & conversion-optimized content
  • Custom landing pages
  • Product descriptions
  • Marketing collateral
  • …and more!
Content builds relationships with customers. Content marketing services are also useful for increasing search engine rankings and boosting SEO efforts.

Why is content so important for SEO? SEO and content marketing services work together a few ways.

  • Content generates backlinks for your business. When people link to your content on their websites, that signals to search engines your business is trustworthy. That can give your rankings a boost.
  • Content helps you rank for keywords. The more people engage with your content, again, the more trustworthy search engines view it. Content with a high amount of pageviews and low bounce rate may also rank higher than less-viewed content. When high-performing content is optimized with keywords related to your business, you can generate more leads for those keywords.
  • Great content serves users. That’s important, because Google states that its mission is to provide the most relevant and useful content to users. High-quality content does just that.

When determining how to create a content strategy for SEO, our content and SEO teams work together to uncover the keywords that are most important to bringing you revenue. We provide an SEO content review to see how your current content supports keyword rankings with internal links, meta data, headlines and other factors. Then, we optimize your content to ensure it’s aligned with SEO strategy.

We use keyword research to create and ideate content. We ensure content is created with both the intent to help you rank for certain keywords, as well as to provide your audience with exceptional information that’s likely to be shared.
All types of content can be used for SEO purposes. The key is to marry high quality with keyword optimization. 

There are tons of Google penalties that hurt sites that produce low-quality content or that use black hat SEO techniques. We’ve never had a Google penalty. In fact, we’re experts on removing Google penalties. Content strategy can help.

Throughout the content strategy and production process, we monitor SEO metrics to see how content efforts affect your keyword rankings, traffic, and, most importantly, conversions. Our conversion rate optimization (CRO) services team can help turn the increased number of visitors you’re getting through content strategy into customers.
Content can also be integrated with link building strategy to maximize performance and ROI. 

Is content marketing necessary for backlinks? Well, without rich, valuable content, your chances of landing high quality links are essentially null. 

While you can get backlinks to your site and product pages using a variety of techniques, content marketing services supercharge link building. With content marketing, you’re consistently producing linkable content that can reach wider audiences.

Our strategy for creating content that generates links involves:

  • Providing thorough content outlines, including inspiration and credible sources
  • Conducting extensive research, to create content that’s trustworthy and authoritative
  • Using creative writing and design, to capture and retain attention 

What are the best types of content for link building? To create a brand-defining link magnet, we ensure content stands out from your competitors.

One strategy to use is the skyscraper technique. That’s taking a high-performing piece of content (your competitor’s or even one of your own) and making it immensely better. That can be done by adding new research, updating statistics or writing better copy and featuring improved design.

With that new and improved piece of content, we leverage our high-profile publisher relationships to get you quality backlinks. 

We also focus on creating high-quality linkable assets that are likely to be shared. These include infographics, long-form blog posts and compelling videos. When other sites link to your content, that’s a backlink for your business. That tells the search engines you’re producing high-quality content, which can lead to improved rankings, which drives traffic — which gets the right people on your site, converting and making purchases.
We tailor content marketing strategies by doing a deep dive on your business and getting to know the unique thoughts, feelings, actions, goals and pain points of your target audience throughout their buying journey. By collaborating with you to develop rich, informative digital marketing personas through immersive workshops, we uncover the right message, appeal, and method of delivery to connect with your market and compel them to become a customer — and an advocate. 

But it’s not just about your brand and audience — it’s about who else is speaking to them, too. That’s why competitor analysis is an essential part of content strategy development. You need a content plan that gets you ahead of your brand competitors and charts a course to becoming the brand you aspire to be. We’ll also research competitors you may have never thought of — those who compete with you on search engine results pages (SERPs), who may not be on your current competitor radar, but are absolutely competing for your audience’s attention. 

Once we understand your audience, their journey, your brand messaging, and the competition, it’s time to audit your existing content to find out what’s working and what’s not. By looking quantitatively, at analytics and engagement metrics as well as lead generation and conversion assists, we’ll see which pieces of content or online touchpoints your audience is finding value in and which aren’t hitting the mark. Then, qualitatively, we can look at underperforming content to decide if it can be refreshed, and to successful content to see how it can be repurposed or better leveraged. 

From here, we engage SEO specialists for a collaborative approach to keyword and topic research. This process outlines content opportunities relevant to your brand and audience, then aligns it with the language and intent within customer search queries. 

But how will we strategize content that outperforms the competition? By analyzing content already ranking on the SERP we want to dominate, you’ll get a clear picture of what it takes to develop a better piece of content. Topics, keywords, word count, CTAs, design, even graphics and other assets — it’s all considered as we chart our course. We even look to competitors backlink profiles to understand how we’ll need to support content with authority strategies. 

With all this information, we get down to the business of mapping out your content strategy. With detailed briefs for every piece of content — from blog posts, to core pages, to downloadable assets, landing pages, and more — we present a clear plan for content development tied to the buyer’s journey. 

Starting with pillar content that anchors the strategy, we’ll bring your audience from their initial awareness stage all the way through to the point of conversion. And even once they’ve converted, we compel them to journey back into our content ecosystem to learn more, engage with the brand and become an even warmer lead or repeat customer. 

Digital Current’s content strategies respect the fact that a buyer’s journey isn’t linear, like our handy visuals like to imply. Instead, buyer’s often hop around and loop between stages before making their final conversion. With a well-researched and documented approach to content, we identify the best opportunities for internal links and CTAs that guide the user along the journey, maximizing content effectiveness and keeping them within your brand, while giving them the information, tools and trust signals they’re searching for.
It’s the million-dollar question — what is the most effective content marketing strategy? 

The most effective content strategy drives revenue and delivers incredible ROI. At Digital Current, we keep your business goals in mind throughout the entire process and tie all our work to the metrics that matter to you. 

Content strategy will vary depending on your industry and target customers. A B2B content strategy may focus more on creating whitepapers and e-books for decision-makers. Content marketing for service business may be focused more on blogs and videos. Ecommerce content strategy may involve a focus on product content and tutorials. Local content strategy may feature local news and a community focus, as well as city or region-specific content.

The most effective content strategies take a deep dive into the research phase to make informed decisions. Just as important, they outline goals, measurements and KPIs to consistently monitor, and use those data points to evolve the approach as needed. Your strategy should evolve over time, as you measure content marketing efforts and tie them back to business results using data and analytics.
Blogs have been around for a while now, but they’re still an incredibly effective means of connecting with your audience to drive business performance. Within our content strategies, we uncover the topics, keywords and themes that matter to your audience and align with your brand. 

One way to begin writing web content is to address the unique set of questions that drive your users crazy. What are their pain points? What are they confused about? What solutions are they looking for? Ask your customer service team for the most popular questions they receive. These can all lead to ideas for your blog.

We work with you to develop content marketing editorial calendars that address your business goals and users’ needs. How? By using the insights we’ve uncovered from your customer personas, buyers’ journeys and foundational content strategy. 

Where to Find Blog Content Strategy Ideas 

In addition to maintaining relevance to your audience, successful blogs keep up a reliable cadence of publishing to build an ongoing, trusting relationship with users. If you’re stuck on blog ideas, the following techniques can inspire new ideas. 

  • Keyword research: You can create blogs inspired by keywords you want to rank for.
  • Breaking news: When important events and issues arise that relate to your industry, your business can take a stance and explain your viewpoint. This can lead to building trust and authority as an industry leader in your space.
  • Social media chatter: Scan social channels to see what your followers and target customers are passionate about online.
  • Competitor content: It’s always a good idea to have a pulse on what competitors are up to, including in the content space. If they’ve recently created a post that was a hit, how can your business 10x the quality of that post?
  • User feedback: If you’ve recently run a survey or conducted user research, you can use that to inspire a post. Surveys are also great tools to use to discover what consumers want to learn about from your brand.
  • Website, products and services: Scan your website to get inspired. Look at each web page, then brainstorm five new ideas for content related to each page.
  • Google: Google is a gold mine for content ideas. Here are two ideas to try. As you type in a keyword, look at what the search engine auto-suggests as a search. This clues you in to popular searches around that keyword that might be good to create content for. Another idea: use the People Also Ask box. Type in a question, and the search engine will display related questions. Use those as subheads in a blog, or as standalone blogs.
  • Question sites and forums: Follow forums and Q-and-A sites like Quora and Reddit to see what people want to know.
  • Repurposing: Look at past blogs that can be updated with new data or that can be made even better with more details or a new viewpoint. You might consider breaking down a popular post into a new series, or adding to your most popular content with extra information.
  • Industry data: When new research or data emerges that pertains to your industry, you can feature that in a blog or in an infographic.

There are also many ways to turn existing forms of high-performing content into new content that reaches a wider audience. For example, you can transform a single successful blog post into a/an:

  • Explainer video
  • Podcast
  • Longer series of blogs
  • Slideshow
  • Infographic
  • Email series
  • More detailed ebook
  • Webinar

Learn how we can power up your best content. 

Professional or in-house content?

If you’re wondering how to find the right writers and content creators for your company, you might want to work with an agency that has a content marketing team with experts in diverse verticals. That way, you know the writers have been vetted and have expertise in your industry.

Professional copywriters also are versed in how content marketing affects other forms of digital marketing, like SEO and link building. You’ll want to work with copywriters who have experience writing for the web, who have expertise in writing with purpose and who focus on conversion for your business.

A professional content marketing services team will also know how to choose and optimize images for content. Imagery in content marketing matters for several reasons.

  • It grabs and retains attention.
  • It affects SEO, since images can be optimized for search.
  • Choosing the wrong images can result in legal problems for a business that steals imagery.

With so many important components in each piece of content, you’ll want to make sure each one is optimized so it reflects well on your business.

Guest Blogging: Should You Feature Other People’s Content?

Guest blogging is another part of content strategy you might consider, where you feature industry experts or writers who have approached your business with an offer to write content for you. The answer to whether or not guest blogging is a good idea always lies in the quality of the content and the value a guest blogger can offer your audience. 

If the guest blogger provides accurate, relevant, useful information to your audience, then a guest blog can benefit your company. There’s also the added benefit that the guest blogger may share the content with their own network, which can bring more exposure to your brand.
What are the essential content marketing tools?

At Digital Current, we use a variety of content marketing tools and tactics to optimize strategies and outcomes. Some that can benefit your content marketing efforts include:

  • Sparktoro: SparkToro can tell you what and who your audience reads, listens to, watches, follows, shares, and talks about online.
  • BuzzSumo: BuzzSumo is a tool for generating content ideas, researching high-performing content, identifying influencers for content distribution and monitoring published content.
  • SEMRush: SEMRush can be used for performing SEO audits to reveal keyword ideas for content.
  • Google Docs: Google Docs enable you to upload content and provide transparency and collaboration for every piece of content. Google Sheets is helpful for storing keyword research. These cloud tools enable every person on a content team to gain visibility into strategy and process.
  • Google Analytics: In addition to using SEMRush for competitor analysis, Google Analytics shows you how content performance affects business goals. Using the Event Measurement feature, you can isolate content events that affect your bottom line. This is a great content audit tool, as well.
  • MozBar: The MozBar tool tells you the authority of your domain and its individual pages, an important part of the content audit process.
  • Ahrefs: Ahrefs compares your page authority and domain to your competitors, so you can see where you begin and how content marketing efforts affect your performance over time.

There are also content automation tools that can make content marketing simpler for your business. 

First, to build an editorial calendar, you can use a tool like Google Sheets to create a shareable spreadsheet of your publishing calendar, planning a month or several months in advance. That enables you to get a head start on creating content so you can have a bank of content ready for publishing to ensure consistency.

Content marketing automation, using a tool like WordPress or HubSpot, enables you to upload drafts ahead of time and schedule them for publishing. Whatever day and time you set, your blog will go live automatically.

You can also use content automation to sequence content, so that it’s delivered at optimal intervals to specific audiences -- through email marketing, for example.

You can use a content curation tool like Feedly to subscribe to blogs or news about certain industry topics. That way, you can see trending topics and find articles and content you might want to share with your own audiences.

At Digital Current, we use the best content marketing services and tools to give our clients the insights they need to succeed.
Everything we do in content marketing focuses on bringing you a meaningful return on investment. To measure the ROI for content marketing services, we provide detailed reports tracking how content performance affects your business goals.

To do this, we measure content marketing performance by tracking content marketing data metrics. We look at content marketing KPIs like:

  • Content engagement: impressions, reach, email opens, unique visitors, page views, average interactions, average time on page, bounce rate, opt-in registrations
  • Trustworthiness: domain and page authority, return readers and visitor loyalty, longevity, brand lift
  • ROI: leads, referral sources, new contacts and accounts, sales

Measuring content marketing shows you how the strategy is affecting results and the ROI you’re generating. With our content marketing services, we help businesses uncover insights that show how to boost poorly performing content and improve overall content quality.

“They take the holistic approach of actually strategically understanding your business initiatives and goals as a company so that they can help you develop a comprehensive strategy that lines up with those… we’ve seen millions of dollars in return on a few hundred thousand in investment.”

Erin Triman, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

“They are so informative and capable. I’ve never had any hesitation with them. I have the skill set to know if I wasn’t getting the right services from my vendors. I know what I’m getting, and Digital Current is the right agency. “

Wendy Geruin, Marketing Director


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