Links Earn Highly Competitive Spots

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When a new consumer industry rolled out, our client opened up shop as an aggregator of locations and industry information. As the industry grew throughout the country and more entrepreneurs positioned themselves to capitalize on the new market, our client was facing more and more competition in their best keywords, especially in their top three. 



These highly competitive keywords were essential to our client’s success, so not just any old link would do. We needed to control the anchor text, while placing within highly relevant content on highly relevant sites. 



We got to work on creating custom content for highly-targeted sites that pointed back to their highest converting pages with anchor text we wrote, including both long and short tail keywords. 

In order to ensure we didn’t raise any search engine red flags, we also obtained aged content links and added naked URL links to the mix. 



In just one and a half months, we’ve …

Increased 26 SERP positions for a keyword with 42,000 monthly search volume, now at 2

Increased 3 SERP positions for a keyword with 32,000 monthly search volume, now position 3

Increased 3 SERP positions for a keyword with 16,000 monthly search volume to now hold the #1 spot!

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