Backlinks to Conversions

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Gearing up for an acquisition that required site migrations and redirects galore, our client, a B2B SaaS solution for sales and marketing professionals, turned off all SEO efforts, except link building.


They had three high-converting pages in place. If we could focus on the keywords that drove people to them and increase their rankings, they wouldn’t just be getting more traffic, they’d get more revenue. 



For each of the three pages, we dove into the keyword opportunities — looking at what was bringing people to the page already and where they went next to glean insights on user intent. This helped us make a long list of keywords to target. Then with keyword difficulty and search volume, we prioritized a handful of them to use as anchor text for our link building efforts. 



Six months later, we saw our hard work paying off! We earned: 

12% increase in conversions on the homepage

200% Increase in conversions on the product page

500% increase in conversions on the targeted blog


Looking for Link Building Results like These?

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