Achieving 1,000% ROI with Local SEO

Achieving 1,000% ROI with Local SEO Featured Image

Our client, a leading home service provider, has 272 locations nationwide — but struggled to rank within SERPs/Google Map Pack for these locations. Instead, small, local businesses were taking the lion’s share of the local search visibility. But as with everything related to SEO, it’s about more than just visibility, traffic and clicks. Our client was missing out on local conversions, too.

Our mission? Win the local battle.



So much of local search success is wrapped up in technical optimization and consistency across digital listings. This was the first place we looked … and the first opportunity we spotted. Aligning local information across all digital listings and assets (while expanding local content) gave us our strategic roadmap. Then, it was a matter of firing up our engines and getting to work.



Our first phase was all about the cleanup. We made sure each Google My Business (GMB) page was filled out properly and optimized to perfection. Next, we looked at the client’s own local webpages pages. Were they optimized for traffic? For conversion?

We worked with the client to redesign the local page templates, while also cleaning up Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP) information, adding schema markup and ensuring consistent optimizations along the way. Additionally, we removed duplicate citations while updating others for consistency. 

Finally, we started updating each location page with unique content specific to that region, ensuring a quality user experience.

Drum roll please … 



Our focus on increasing citation accuracy and GMB optimizations pushed our listing results up higher in the map pack, giving us more visibility and contributing to even more calls.

The 7.9% increase in views of local GMB listings …

… lead to a 59% increase in inbound calls from these pages …

… and 1,000% return on investment!

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