Backlink Disavow Increases Traffic

Backlink Disavow Increases Traffic Featured Image

When a large lawn care company approached us earlier this year, they were struggling with getting the keyword gains they deserved. 


While they had a great on-page presence, their trust flow score was at just 22 and their backlink profile was full of toxic links.


We conducted a backlink audit to evaluate each of the links that may be toxic and ranked them. Then we split the ranked list into three files and uploaded them one at a time, starting with the most toxic first. We saw a big spike in trust flow after the first upload, so we moved onto the second one. That one showed a two-point decrease, so we retracted the file and removed some domains. After re-uploading the shortened second list, we found our authority sweet spot!


In just two months … 

159% Increase in the trust flow score

93 SERP position increases for “lawn care company” – putting them on page one!

94% Increase in traffic

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