Content-Link Alignment Drives Long-Term Engagement

Content-Link Alignment Drives Long-Term Engagement Featured Image

One of the largest national home warranty providers encountered a conundrum: how could they keep their audience interested and engaged between annual membership renewals? We aligned content and link strategy, to drive banner performance with staggering improvements in year-over-year traffic and engagement that drove brand awareness for new and existing users. 


A home warranty is purchased or renewed once per year, with the only other touchpoint being service claims. But customer loyalty and market expansion requires brand awareness — and search visibility requires continual traffic and engagement. Our task? Engage existing customers and appeal to prospective audiences year round. 


Our strategy empowered a trusted, authoritative brand position in the minds of its audience, the industry, and to Google’s algorithms. We developed a content strategy with blogs that answer homeowners’ burning questions, inspire them with DIY tips, solve their home maintenance problems, and inform them on home-related topics — all rooted in longtail keyword research. We supercharged this content with backlinks from high-quality sources, utilizing relevant anchor text.  


Thanks to its keyword relevancy and backlink-boosted authority, this content ranked for a numerous variety of longtail and traditional search queries that drove traffic to the blog. And users found tons of value, too, staying on the pages longer. In comparing performance from March 2019-March 2020 to the previous year, we drove organic search performance to increase brand engagement and reach.

25% Improvement in blog traffic, driving more users to the brand

27s Additional time on page, with averages rising to 4 minutes, 58 seconds

26% More entrances to the domain via the blog


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