Help! Traffic Increased, But Conversions Are Flat

Help! Traffic Increased, But Conversions Are Flat Featured Image

FREE WEBINAR: Help! Traffic Increased, But Conversions Are Flat

So . . . your traffic increased, but your conversions didn’t? Let’s find out why!

It’s the ultimate marketing horror story: you busted your buns to increase organic rankings, optimized your PPC or up-leveled your backlink game (maybe you did all 3!)—but despite seeing an increase in site traffic, your conversion numbers went nowhere. YIKES!

Register for our free webinar with Abby Smith, Digital Current’s Director of Account Services & Strategy, on Thursday, October 29 at 11AM PST to learn:

  1. How to USE DATA to see if your site is targeting the right audience
  2. How to TROUBLESHOOT CONVERSION RATE via persona development, analytics & keyword analysis
  3. “JUST FIX IT” CRO best practices you should implement yesterday to boost conversions
  4. A/B TESTING CADENCES designed to uncover & prioritize quick wins

You need to increase conversions NOW.

Register for this ultra-actionable webinar today:


Abby Smith Is Digital Current's Director of Account Services

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