Customer-Driven Strategy Boosts Conversions | Syniverse

Customer-Driven Strategy Boosts Conversions | Syniverse Featured Image


Despite a newly branded, designed and launched website, Syniverse, a company redefining secure, global connectivity for modern businesses and consumers, was struggling to drive traffic and conversions for its main product pages.


When thinking about tackling the client’s challenges, we framed it in two parts: driving traffic to the site and driving performance through the site. While the site was beautiful, the content messaging wasn’t clear and key “reasons to believe” were buried in the site. We knew the best way to do this was to start with the customer, even before diving into foundational technical fixes.


Building out customer personas was our first step. This gave us a better understanding of user behavior, allowing us to more accurately target keywords. We also applied these insights to site content and SEO improvements as we continued to look for opportunities to remove conversion barriers through A/B testing.

After running a technical audit of the new website, we found there was a disconnect between product page content and the page titles and meta descriptions. This affected relevant keyword page rankings, as well as on-page conversions. By updating and re-optimizing these pages through the lenses of SEO and content, we were able to better align user intent with the on-page experience.


Syniverse saw an immediate increase in keyword rankings and organic traffic — not to mention improved conversion rates — associated with these pages meeting the client’s initial traffic and performance goals.

the up to 88 SERP position for keywords lead to a 7.3% boost in organic traffic and a 16.5% increase in organic conversions

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